Monday, February 15, 2016

More Apples

Top: #44 - "Pacific Rose" - color breaking. Who knew there were so many varieties of apples!
Palette knife oil painting on 6 x 6 Raymar canvas panel.

Bottom:  #45 - "Pacific Rose II" - destroy & rebuild. Palette knife oil painting
 on 6 x 6 Raymar canvas panel.

Someone recently gave me a copy of "American Places" - gorgeous photographs by Elliot Porter, text by Wallace Stegner and Page Stegner. I thought I would be most interested in the photos, but Wallace Stegner is such an amazingly good writer, especially about place, that I find myself reading a page or two every time I sit down to a meal. (I know, I know - I should be putting my attention on the food.) 
I've always enjoyed his novels and think if my history courses and books had been taught and written by him, I might have enjoyed them much more.

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