Sunday, July 16, 2017



Bijou is my Russian Blue companion, and is always ready to have her 
photo taken, or a sketch drawn. I decided to experiment with this drawing. 

Step 1 - top left. I sketched her from a photo, then attempted to create
some texture in parts of the drawing by placing a piece of scrap metal screen
under the 130# paper and rubbing over it with Stockmar white beeswax. Next, I thinned
down some acrylic and did a green wash over the whole image.

Step 2 - top right. Using charcoal, I created, more or less, a value map of the cat,
then painted over everything with Golden acrylic ground for pastels as some grit
was needed to hold the pastel.

Step 3 - bottom left. Adding pastel. Hmmm. Not as happy with this as the texture
I had created in Step 1 pretty much disappeared. Maybe added pastel with too 
heavy a hand? What next?

Step 4 - bottom right. I added green to her eyes - which, indeed, are a lovely green.

I think I'm done with this particular experiment, and am, somewhat, happy with 
the result. I like the fact that I played with color, though my intent was to be much looser and free-er with the entire piece - always a struggle. I'll try another with lighter-weight paper, lighter hand with pastels, and see what transpires.


  1. I like what you're doing but somehow your excellent drawing got lost in the experiment. Next time try to preserve the drawing better while still losing edges. I really liked the texture found in #1.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lee. Yes, I was disappointed to lose the texture. Will keep playing with this idea.