Friday, August 25, 2017



My lovely cat, Bijou, again
I liked the result in pastel, so figured I'd try the same idea in oil.

#1 - top left: I did an under-painting in pale green, and tried some 
colors in the other areas,

#2 - top right: Painted the cat, but too dark, I think. Should have matched
the value of the under-painting which is now showing up
just as whitish spots, so ....

#3 - bottom left: ... I covered up the under-painting completely. Well, that's 
better, but it lacks the punch of the pastel version. So ....

#4 - bottom right: .... proceeding with the advice & encouragement of my 
friend Linda, I made a really thin wash of sap green and painted 
it over everything, but the cat. Better - at least it looks like it
all belongs together now. 

Result: I learned something new. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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